Tout le territoire national est concerné, avec des adaptations pour les seuls départements et territoires d'outre-mer. Rijksmuseum: admire the astonishing collection of Dutch art dating back to the Middle Ages as well as exemplary exhibits of European and Asian art. For the latest information about flights to Amsterdam, please check Always leave an area when it gets too crowded. Voici quelques infos sur la situation sanitaire aux Pays-bas et sur la possibilité ou non de s’y rendre en voyage à Amsterdam notamment. The ship started a four-month global voyage at Port Everglades in Florida in the US on January 4. Covid-19 : près de 3000 nouveaux cas et 364 décès depuis hier. But on board Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas in December, an 83-year-old passenger tested positive for Covid on December 9, halting the voyage and causing his close contacts to be quarantined. Delta Air Lines et KLM Royal Dutch Airlines vont proposer aux voyageurs des vols entre Atlanta et Amsterdam "testés COVID". ; Anne Frank House: this touching tribute to the wartime diarist Anne Frank is a must-visit. Analytical cookies allow us to recognise and to count the number of visitors to our website, to see how visitors move around the website when they are using it and to record which content viewers view and are interested in. Make sure to check the health requirements of the airports you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in, and follow the instructions at the airport. A negative COVID-19 test taken maximum 5 days prior to the arrival is required. Toutes les photos Amsterdam Voyage Amsterdam. Infos pratiques Seuls les passagers négatifs pourront monter à bord. Drugstore items include self-help medicines, detergents and personal care products, but not cosmetics and perfumes. À compter du 15 décembre 2020, les partenaires aériens transatlantiques Delta Air Lines et KLM Royal Dutch Airlines lancent des vols « testés COVID » d'Atlanta à Amsterdam. This applies to train, bus, metro, tram and ferry services. Information for travellers about coronavirus (COVID-19). Foreign tourists are no longer obliged to reserve their holiday accommodation before they travel to the Netherlands. The 128-day Grand World Voyage cruise … You are strongly advised not to travel to the Netherlands unless it is strictly necessary. The borders remain open. If you test positive for coronavirus, you and any travelling companions must self-isolate in your holiday accommodation for two weeks. For more information, you can stop by the I amsterdam Visitor Centre at Amsterdam Central Station. Please keep in mind that these regulations may change depending on how the situation develops, so check the City of Amsterdam’s website for the most current official guidelines. As of Thursday 17 December, a shop may only be open if before the lockdown it generated more than 70% of its turnover from the sale of food (food and drink), animal feed or drugstore products. People aged 13 and older must wear a non-medical face mask on public transport. Une mesure qui s'appliquera certainement jusqu'au 19 janvier, et une période pendant laquelle il est fortement déconseillé de se rendre aux Pays-Bas et d'en revenir. Are you going to visit Amsterdam or its area and would you like to answer a few questions about your trip? The plans center around the concept of conducting multiple tests so that travelers can have more trust that the chances they or others are carrying the virus during their voyage … You are advised to present a negative PCR test done 72 hours prior in order to benefit from fast track immigration. MAJ 27 août 2020. ... At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, passengers aged 13 and up are required to wear a mask everywhere. Coronavirus (Covid-19) aux Pays-bas et voyage à Amsterdam. Covid-19 - Pays-Bas : quarantaine requise pour les voyageurs de certaines régions . Axion 2017. le 31/07/2020 à 08:48 . Le 28 octobre 2020, le Président de la République a annoncé le confinement du pays à compter du vendredi 30 octobre 2020 et a minima jusqu'au 1er décembre 2020. Supermarkets larger than 300 m2 and fresh food stores may remain open between 22.00. and midnight on 21, 22 and 23 December, and between 19.00 and 22.00 on Christmas Eve. You are strongly advised not to travel to the Netherlands unless it is strictly necessary. KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France-KLM, on Friday said it would begin offering COVID-19 tested flights to Atlanta, the latest example of a European airline adopting a testing strategy to increase passenger confidence in flying amid the coronavirus pandemic. le 30/07/2020 à 20:16 . The fine for not wearing a face mask is € 95. Information about tourism, hotels, cultural events and going out on, Face mask mandatory in public indoor areas, Wearing a face mask: where you must, where you don’t and how to wear it correctly, Free help with financial problems and debt. Toutefois, les voyages restent déconseillés par le quai d’Orsay dans la plupart de ces destinations. However, it’s important to avoid busy places, so please keep this in mind when choosing your destination. These cookies also store your location, including your latitude, longitude, and GeoIP region ID, which helps us show you locale-specific news and allows our Services to operate more efficiently. Based on that information, and with our permission, third-party advertisers can place cookies to enable them to show adverts which we think will be relevant to your interests while you are on third-party websites. Comprehensive information is available on the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) website, including a guide to symptoms, when to visit a GP, Q&As, travel advice and updates from the World Health Organisation. The sale of alcohol is not allowed after 20.00. Hardly any other sector was as hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic as aviation. Costa Pacifica, which disembarked some passengers in Marseille on Thursday after a repositioning voyage from South America, is en route to Genoa, with arrival planned for Saturday. Some travellers must be able to present a negative Covid-19 test result when travelling to the Netherlands. Coronavirus: conséquences pour les voyages internationaux en train Coronavirus: impact sur les voyages internationaux en train Coronavirus: ... Bruxelles et Amsterdam à partir de ce mercredi 23 décembre. The obligation applies to all indoor public spaces such as shops, museums, schools, restaurants and theaters. Schools will close as of Wednesday 16 December. Call us at 14 020Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00. Find out how coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact your visit to Amsterdam and stay up to date on the travel regulations and safety advice for visiting restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums and other attractions. For example, non-essential shops, museums and cinemas will be closed as of Tuesday 15 December. For updated information about the coronavirus measures at museums, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other attractions, check The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) has issued a coronavirus protocol for business events in the Netherlands, which offers guidelines for organisers, suppliers and delegates of any meetings and events to follow. These cookies track your browsing habits to enable us to show advertising which is more likely to be of interest to you. Covid-19 test prior to departure to Japan. Utile. CDC recommends that all people defer travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, worldwide. These cookies use information about your browsing history to group you with other users who have similar interests. Older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease, should especially defer travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, because of their increased risk for severe disease. Functional cookies record information about choices that you have made, and they also allow us to tailor the website to suit your needs. Port du masque pas obligatoire en extérieur non plus, helas Keep a distance of 1.5 metres between you and other people. The authorities will monitor compliance with the 1.5 metre rule and enforce it where necessary. (From abroad: +31 20 624 1111), To do in Amsterdam. Use of public transport is for essential travel only. If you choose to remove targeted or advertising cookies, you will still see adverts but they may not be relevant to you. Consultez les horaires et trouvez facilement le billet de train adapté à votre voyage. The voyage was characterized by Covid testing, social distancing, hand sanitizing and temperature checks, but it was, Belardi told CNN, also relaxing and enjoyable. A national information hotline has also been created to answer questions, which you can reach on 0800 1351 (an English message follows the Dutch one). With the extension of opening hours, the expected crowds can be spread out, allowing customers to shop as safely as possible before Christmas. ; Begijnhof: relax in this surreal area of tranquillity that provides respite from the bustling city centre. 22VENDEE. Travel by bicycle or on foot for short journeys if possible. If you feel sick, stay inside your home or hotel. Stay in your accommodation. En raison de l'augmentation des infections suite au coronavirus, les Pays-Bas sont en quarantaine depuis le 15 décembre 2020. Supermarkets, bakers and butchers will remain open. ... due to the Covid … Arrange to be tested for coronavirus. As of Thursday 17 December, a shop may only be open if before the lockdown it generated more than 70% of its turnover from the sale of food (food and drink), animal feed or drugstore products. Remain inside. Please visit for the current travel protocols and regulations. Les deux compagnies ont travaillé avec le gouvernement néerlandais, l'aéroport d'Amsterdam … Allow for extra journey time so that if a bus or train is too crowded you can wait and take the next one. Additional crowd control includes one-way traffic, additional traffic hosts and matrix signs. For instance, check the city of Amsterdam's website for information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Amsterdam. You can also use the taxi services at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Travel as little as possible. The measures will apply until Tuesday 19 January. This helps us to determine how frequently particular pages and advertisements are visited and to determine the most popular areas of our website. Weekly updates about the number of infections, Income support, national and local measures, Arrange it online and visit only by appointment. Under the KLM plan, passengers receive one test five days before their flight, another shortly before the flight, and a third after landing. This helps us to improve the service which we offer to you by helping us make sure our users are finding the information they are looking for, by providing anonymised demographic data to third parties in order to target advertising more appropriately to you, and by tracking the success of advertising campaigns on our website. From 1 December, everyone in the Netherlands age 13 or older will have to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces. Otherwise, depending on your country of embarking, you will have to test on arrival. Travel by car, bike or on foot and only use public transport for essential journeys. Amsterdam region restricts ocean, river cruise vessels Restrictions were placed on ocean and river cruise vessels in the Amsterdam region, in effect from this week. Public transport is still running, but there may be schedule changes. Achetez votre billet en ligne et évitez les files d’attente ! The same goes for secondary schools and higher education - you have to wear a mask except during lessons/lectures. Check the website of the city or region you will be visiting to find out what these are. It’s unclear how many people are aboard the Amsterdam, but the 780-foot ship holds up to 1,380 guests, according to the company website. The number of visitors to certain neighbourhoods, for example, De Wallen (Red Light District) will be actively monitored. There is currently a limit on the number of people that can attend meetings and conventions, all attendees must observe RIVM guidelines. Photos de voyages Amsterdam . Business Flying in 2021 — It can only get better. To avoid crowds in public transport, an extra shuttle is available between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. Les voyageurs au départ ou en transit à l’aéroport d’Amsterdam-Schiphol doivent être en possession de documents de voyage en cours de validité et autorisant l’entrée dans les pays de destination : carte nationale d’identité ou passeport, voire visa et/ou document complémentaire, selon le cas. Et nous? You can take off your mask while seated. That’s because the risk of COVID-19 on cruise ships is high. Some streets may be closed to ensure safety. Article réservé à nos abonnés Lire aussi En Europe, l’exaspération grandit face aux mesures anti-Covid 19 All public venues and non-essential shops are currently closed until Tuesday 19 January 2021. > Coronavirus : Carte des cas de COVID 19 en Europe en aout 2020. When you get up to go to the toilet or go outside, you have to put your face mask back on. Government tightens up rules: all non-essential stores closed. There are no restrictions on travel within the Netherlands. Les voyages vers Amsterdam, Rotterdam et La Haye sont déconseillés. AMSTERDAM — KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France-KLM, on Friday said it would begin offering COVID-19 tested flights to Atlanta, the latest example of a European airline adopting a testing strategy to increase passenger confidence in flying amid the coronavirus pandemic. Barbados Commercial air travel is now available. Il est possible que les déplacements soient autorisés seulement dans certaines circonstances et que les voyages touristiques en particulier ne soient pas permis. Trouvez et réservez vos billets de train au meilleur prix sur, votre meilleur compagnon de voyage en ligne ! Travellers arriving in Amsterdam from certain countries and regions with high coronavirus infection rates are strongly advised to self-quarantine for 10 days. In line with government measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, there are new rules in place for visiting Amsterdam and exploring museums, theatres, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The fine for not wearing a face mask is 95 euros. Do not leave your home or hotel room. Leave any destination if you notice it is becoming difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 metres. The airline partners have worked with the Dutch government, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to deliver a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program that will allow eligible customers to be exempt from quarantine on arrival after receiving a negative PCR test result on landing in the Netherlands. Call 0800-1202 to schedule an appointment. For example, We also use cookies to save your language preference. You can find all necessary info about borders and covid-19 measures in Copenhagen here. People cannot gather in groups of more than four people from different households. Top Amsterdam attractions. Hi! The borders remain open. Expect more surveillance near museums and popular tourist attractions. Assistance coronavirus (COVID-19) Veuillez prendre connaissance des restrictions de voyage en vigueur. Due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections and hospital admissions, the government decided on 14 December to take very strict measures. Additional local measures may apply in certain Dutch cities and regions. Le compte du nombre de nouvelles contaminations reste largement sous-estimé à cause de la trêve de Noël. Guide de voyage pour Amsterdam Hôtels à Amsterdam Vols pour Amsterdam Activités à Amsterdam Locations de voiture à Amsterdam Pays-Bas – Des restrictions de voyage, y compris une mise en quarantaine, pourraient être en place en raison de la COVID-19 dans cette destination. Bahamas avec visa, test PCR et assurance Covid. Face masks are mandatory in shops, airports, hotels and public transport. We’re proud of our beautiful city, but this is a time to keep yourself and others safe by staying at home. Didn't you find what you were looking for? Due to the covid-19 situation, the borders are still closed for travelers from most countries. In line with government measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, all non-essential travel is discouraged. But COVID also brought unexpected opportunities for … Il serait temps ! Check for the latest information about flights to Amsterdam and always visit your airline’s website to confirm any additional rules that may apply.